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"Pedaling" Insurance

Steve Costanzo, also known as The Insurance Pedaler, has chosen pedaling a bicycle as his principal form of transportation for business. As you might probably surmise, this makes him unique in the insurance profession in Florida.

The Insurance Pedaler's commitment to bicycling is not all about the environment--although that is most of it; he is also a cheapskate and has found that he saves over $1,700 every month over driving his previous high-performance luxury vehicle, when figuring gas, taxes and fees, insurance, maintenance, and depreciation to calculate the full cost of driving.

However, if he is going to see a client in Land 'O Lakes or Inverness, he will probably not be jumping on his bicycle and will rent a car instead. But since 84% of his clients are in Pinellas and Pasco Counties he is on his bicycle most of the time.

What does this mean to you--other than the fact that he will arrive a little sweaty during the summer? Probably nothing, except you can point out to your family, friends, and business colleagues that your insurance professional is one-of-a-kind! Furthermore, he's extremely knowlegable about insurance and how it can be best used (and not overused) in your personal,family, and business life for your health, safety and financial security.